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Why Buy A Toyota Tacoma?

The Tacoma is undoubtedly one of the hottest trucks around and it’s popularity continues to attest to the excellent engineering, reliability, and durability it is known for. So are you looking to own a Toyota Tacoma? Which model should you purchase and what should you look for in a used truck?

Which Model Tacoma Should I Buy?

Toyota Tacomas come in many different models. The base is the SR and is the least expensive. From there you have the SR5 which adds an additional seat with room for 5 and some other nice features and upgrades. Then there is the TRD Sport. TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development and typically has an upgraded engine over the base models and a sport tuned suspension. Then you have the TRD off road which takes that suspension to the next level and allows this truck to perform better when the road gets harsh. You can get this model as a 4×2 or a 4×4. Next you have the Limited which really starts to take care of you in the cockpit with upgrades to much of the interior. Then to top it off the TRD Pro adds all the goodies and comfort you would ever want but that also comes with the sticker price to match.

So which one should you get? The best place to start is to think of your needs. Are you going to be spending time in Tahoe? You might want a 4×4 model. Do you like having the best of the best? The TRD Pro is your truck. Do you usually buy something in the middle, not the most expensive or least expensive? Will you be using it for work or for play? After you have completely analyzed your needs, now you can narrow down your search and get something you will be happy with.

In an upcoming post we will break down some of the pros and cons of each model and hopefully help you arrive at the best truck for your needs. Stay tuned! In the meantime check out our current list of Toyota Tacoma trucks for sale in Petaluma, CA

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