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A Used Truck for Sale from Truckmax USA in Petaluma, CA
A Used Truck for Sale from Truckmax USA in Petaluma, CA

Inevitable, this will be a question every prospective truck buyer asks themselves in the future. Who knows, in 20 years, electric trucks may be the only thing we sell here at Truckmax USA in Petaluma, CA. But until then, there are a few things to consider before you purchase an electric truck. Here are a few points that might be helpful to keep in mind. We highlight who we feel wins in each category, either a traditional gas/diesel pickup or an electric pickup. For simplicity we have left out hybrid trucks in this comparison.

1. Selection

While it’s true that more and more companies are promising to come out with an electric [...]

2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab

The Tacoma is undoubtedly one of the hottest trucks around and it’s popularity continues to attest to the excellent engineering, reliability, and durability it is known for. So are you looking to own a Toyota Tacoma? Which model should you purchase and what should you look for in a used truck?

Which Model Tacoma Should I Buy?

Toyota Tacomas come in many different models. The base is the SR and is the least expensive. From there you have the SR5 which adds an additional seat with room for 5 and some other nice features and upgrades. Then there is the TRD Sport. TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development and typically has an upgraded engine over the base models and a sport tuned suspension. Then you have the TRD off road which takes [...]

It may or may not be a surprise to most, but it has been confirmed that the most theft-prone vehicle in America in 2012 was the Dodge Charger.

As of this study in 2012 it was noted that the theft of late-model vehicles is on a rapid decline in the United States. One reason: automakers’ increasing use of ignition immobilizers, which stop thieves from hot-wiring cars. Nearly 90 percent of 2012 models are equipped with them.

In a report released in that year, NHTSA said the car stolen most often during the 2011 calendar year was the Charger, with 4.8 thefts for every 1,000 cars produced in 2011. It was followed by the Mitsubishi Galant, Hyundai Accent, Chevrolet Impala and Chevrolet HHR among vehicles with more than 5,000 units produced that year.

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